Samuel Kimani


Samuel Kimani is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing, University of Nairobi having ascended through the ranks. He has the expertise, leadership, motivation and competencies necessary to successfully carry out research activities that mitigate suffering of women and girls. He has a broad background in Nursing and contemporary issues affecting women and girls, with strong team work capabilities, training and expertise in key multi-disciplinary research with focus on FGM/C and reproductive issues. I have

I have strong interest on FGM/C issues because of their adverse role in hampering maternal and infant health resulting to negative infant/maternal morbidity and mortality statistics. As a researcher at the University of Nairobi, I am a member of a multi-disciplinary team carrying out capacity building and research on the most promising approach to end female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) within a generation, under the auspices of African coordinating centre for abandonment of FGM/C (ACCAF). In this project, I have been involved in developing successful grant proposals, capacity building for practicing communities and capacity building among health care providers. He has been involved in I am the lead research on medicalization of FGM/C and the health system strengthening.

The project has imparted in me team work, honoring deadlines, negotiation and leadership skills and grant writing and implementation skills that are critical in the success of this project. As a lecturer and researcher, I have been involved in clinical teaching, supervision research supervision and mentorship. In the supervision undertaking I have learnt time management, mentorship, ethical conduct in research, communication and multi-disciplinary collaboration.

These are critical skills required for this project. His current research interests include; Reproductive health issues. Cultural practices their impact on Health including FGM/C. Research and capacity building. He is currently involved in a multidisciplinary research regarding the health impacts of female genital mutilation/cutting. He has published widely and presented in national and international meeting.