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There are several ways that you can support our work to end FGM/C. Donations are always welcome but we also need Ambassadors to inform themselves about female genital cutting and to spread the good news of abandonment and the hope that an end is possible within a generation.

Every person has the potential to make a difference in the fight against FGM/C. Whether you host a fundraiser, raise your voice on an issue, or join our network of volunteers, the actions you take make a loud statement that it is possible to eradicate FGM/C within one generation.

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Thank you very much for supporting our efforts towards the abandonment of FGM/C.  Donating regularly allows us to sustain our programmes and to plan for our future.

We pledge to use your donation responsibly and effectively and are accountable for all our finances through the publication of an annual report, including a financial statement.

Your donation will provide essential core funding which helps ACCAF to fund invaluable resources for our work such as community support, staff and awareness raising events.

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