What We Do

To achieve our goals, ACCAF works with other stakeholders to combat Female Genital Mutilation (FGM/C) through community engagement and government lobbying, in recognition that many levels must be engaged to end these practices. Engaging with the communities affected by FGM/C forms the basis of our work. Our programs enable women and girls from affected communities to gain the confidence and skills to become advocates for change.

Our work on FGM/C is informed by research carried out by women and girls in their communities. This enables them to become champions of the change they want to see, and ensures that our work is based on the community’s expressed needs. Our aim is to provide knowledge, tools, best practice models and support networks which help anti-FGM campaigners and organisations working with communities bring about a sustainable change to end FGM.


These are our themes, awareness raising campaigns or pledges to mobilise the public, professionals and decisions makers to act to end female genital mutilation/cutting.


For increased attention and resources to be invested in ending FGM/C, we seek the help of actors, activists and decision makers at every level – from grassroots, to regional, national and international actors. We advocate for governments and influential decision makers to accelerate a global end to the practice and use the most appropriate advocacy actions for whichever issue we may be working with, or for whichever level we are working at.

We endeavour to continue our advocacy at all levels and to further promote understanding around FGM/C and the ways in which we can bring an end to the practice within a generation.


ACCAF builds partnerships and collaboration with organizations and bodies involved with FGM eradication in the continent and abroad including holding coordination and networking meetings for key stakeholders.

We use our network of country, regional and liaison offices to drive changes in practice and policy at local, national and global levels in the fight against FGM/C