Senate KEMSA Probe

Senator Sam Ongeri says suspended KEMSA CEO Jonah Manjari should provide evidence that he is sick or face sanctions. After the exposure of the covid millionaires,Kemsa came out to be involved in the embezzlement of funds meant for covid19.

The Cabinet secretary of health,Mutahi Kagwe suspended the CEO of Kemsa Jonah Manjari, as research on how the funds were used is being done.Millions cannot be traced in Kemsa and so the CEO is the one answerable to the mess in Kemsa.

Today the senators have met to discuss the matter.Senator Sam Ongeri,said suspended Kemsa CEO Jonah Manjari, should provide evidence that he is sick or face sanctions.

Senator Sam Ongeri explains how difficult it was to bring in the members of UN to sit on board. He said that the current people in the government should not take it as a joke and play with the resources since it’s a gift.They used a lot of energy during their time.


Changing Education in Kisii County

Prof. Sam Ongeri is a proud product of public schools and has spent time working  to advance his education. When we invest in our kids, our teachers, and our public schools, we all do better. Prof. Sam Ongeri will always put teachers and students first, not profits. 

That starts with everything from expanding public pre-kindergarten to making sure Kisii’s workforce has the right skills for the 21st century, and includes investing in higher education and job training, like apprenticeships where Kisii workers can earn while they learn. We need to make sure that obtaining an education — often a ticket to a better life for so many — is affordable.

Prof. Sam Ongeri is committed to ensuring our educators have the compensation, resources, and respect they deserve — including the ability to organize and collectively bargain


Building of Sh2.2bn Cancer Centre in Kisii

Construction of a Sh2.2 billion cancer centre in Kisii is expected to start in February next year. Once complete, it will be the largest cancer diagnostic and treatment centre in the country. The centre will be established at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital. The project is being funded through loans from the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) and the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD).

Other developments at the hospital include a 100-body capacity morgue and a furnished 50-bed hostel block for interns and doctors on exchange programmes.

The new modern 100 Body Capacity Mortuary with histology and anatomy laboratories has been of great help in aiding the institutionalisation of the Kisii University medical school whose 30-member pioneer class was inaugurated in September last year